Sunday Messenger: Week of Feb. 22-26, 2021

Hello Juarez-Lincoln Families, 
School continues this week via distance learning. Please support in ensuring your child has a set place to learn and connect with his or her teacher every morning at 8:15am. 

This week, Juarez-Lincoln teachers will begin the annual English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) for all English Learner Students. Your child will be tested in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  Not all students will take this text. 

The testing calendar and more information will be shared with families on Monday, February 22 via Messenger.  If you have any questions regarding when your child is testing or ELPAC, please contact your child’s teacher of the office. You can also find more information about ELPAC by clicking HERE. Remember to encourage your child to relax and try his or her best.

 Here are some upcoming events this week: 
Monday:Music: 9:30a: White, 10:30a: Kirisimasi, 11:00a: Jacobsen, 11:30a: French  

Tuesday:Music: 8:30a: Rosselli, 9:00a: Johnston, 9:45a: Stone 10:30a: Herrera, 11:00a: Putian, 11:45a: Gil  

Wednesday: Music: 8:30a: Elmore, 9:00a: Lozano, 9:45a: Venegas 10:30a: Robles, 11:00a: Oliver, 11:45a: Layton   

Thursday:Music: 8:30a: Reeves, 9:00a: Koopman, 9:45a: Calderon 10:30a: Rogers, 11:00a: Lerma, 11:45a: Guerrero 10a- 12p: Device Support & Distribution 
12p-2p: Meal Distribution 

 Friday: Spirit Day: Wig Day
Music: 9:45a: Bullington  You can always keep updated on current school events and news by visiting our school’s blog at

Devices for Distance Learning:
If  your child needs a device to access the Distance Learning program, please complete a request by completing the link below. Once you have completed the link, call the main office at 619-690-9222.  We currently have devices available for immediate pick up.  

Request Link If you need support with tech, please call 619-409-6639 on Monday -Friday between 8am-5pm, or visit us at Juarez-Lincoln between 10am-12pm on THURSDAY THIS WEEK 

Click HERE for more information on requesting a device for your child or for more information on technology support.  

Thank you and have a great week! 

Robert Pollack, Principal

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