Juarez-Lincoln PTA

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is an non-profit organization that helps to positively impact the lives all children and staff at Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School.

Our goals include:
– Promoting collaboration between parents, teachers, students, and community members
– Providing students and their families with family engagements outside of school
– Providing funds to the school for budget shortfalls
– Advocating for the education, physical and mental health, welfare and safety of all students

Please visit the Juarez-Lincoln PTA Blog here for more information on the events supplied and hosted by your PTA officers as well as dates and times for our association meetings and more. If you have any questions regarding PTA events or if you would like to suggest ideas for future events or fundraisers, please email us at juarezlincolnpta@yahoo.com.

If you would like to join, please visit our online registration form.

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