Messenger: Week of May 22-26, 2023

Hello Juarez-Lincoln families,

Our character trait for May is POISE & CONFIDENCE. Let’s continue showing The Eagle Way, “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, & Be Safe”. 

We are now only 2 weeks away from the end of the school year and summer break. The end of the school year is eventful and exciting for students, families, and staff.  Students will be participating in end-of-year activities, festivities, and testing these next 2 weeks.  Let’s finish the school year strong and focused. The final day of the 2022-23 school year will be Friday, June 2, 2023. Students return for the 2023-24 school on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. Their first day back will be a minimum day. 

2023 CVESD Hanover Survey

As part of our continued efforts to serve all our students, families, and staff members, we would appreciate your feedback on your current priorities and needs from our District. Your input helps the Juarez-Lincoln team celebrate what we are doing well and target areas we need to grow in. 

2023 Hanover Survey Link:

Survey ends: May 23, 2023

Here are some Important events this week:

End-of-Year Events

Please note that for families participating in end-of-year events must register in the front office prior to the event. Official ID is required. We encourage you to arrive early to ensure you have time to register in the office and park in designated areas. 


Music: 9:25a-10:10a Rosselli; 10:45a-11:25a Padilla; 1:45p-2:45p Rogers


Music: 8:30a-9:30a Johnston; 9:35a-10:05a Calderon; 10:45a-11:25a Herrera; 12:55p-1:40p Jacobsen; 1:45p-2:35p White


Music: 8:30a-9:30a Koopman; 9:45a-10:15a Perez; 11a-11:40p Robles; 12:35p-1:35p Lerma; 1:45p-2:45p Putian

5/24: Gr. 6 Picnic @ Silverwing Park (cancelled)


Music: 8:30a-9:15a French; 9:25a-10:10a Kirisimasi, 11a-11:30a Stone, 12:35p-1:35p Layton; 1:45p-2:45p Guerrero

8:30a: Gr. 4 Wax Museum


Music: 8:45a-9:15a Nevarez; 9:25a-10:10a Lozano; 10:40a-11:25a Viera; 12:30p-1:30p Gil

11a-12p: Kindergarten Family Picnic  

12:45p-1:30p: Gr. 6 Dance

1:30p Dismissal (all students) 

Upcoming Events     

5/29: Memorial Day Holiday

5/30: Gr. 1 Picnic @ Silverwing Park

5/31: Putian/Guerrero @ HydroStation

6/1: Gill @ Hydrostation

6/1: Kinder Promotion @ 9a

6/2: Gr. 6 Promotion @ 9a

6/2: Final Day of Q4 for Students 

6/2: Final Day of School Year for 185-Day Staff

6/14: Final Day Office is open for 2022-23

7/17: Teachers Return- Quarter 1 Kick-Off

7:19: Students Return- Quarter 1 (minimum day)

Keep up-to-date and informed by listening to weekly Sunday Messengers at 7:00pm. You can also visit our website and sign up for our blog at 

Important drop-off and pick-up information: 

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and partnership during drop-off and dismissal. Student safety is everyone’s number one priority. Please pick up and drop your children off your children only in in the yellow zone.  For safety reasons, park only in designated areas and do not park in red zones, yellow zones, or staff parking lot.

At the heart of our teaching, we strive to cultivate intellect, relevance & relationships by making connections with students’ authenticity, language, and cultural backgrounds.   

Thank you! 

Mr. Pollack, School Principal

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