2023-2023 YMCA Stretch Application OPEN NOW

Good afternoon families,

Thank you for showing interest in joining the STRETCH program for the 2023-2024 school year. At the moment we only have about 70 students who have applied. Our program is able to accept around 100 students max. I highly encourage ALL families who are interested to apply as soon as possible. The last day for our families to apply will be Friday March 17th, 2023. If you turn in an application after this date, your student(s) will automatically be placed on our waitlist. I have attached the link to our application along with our point system for everyone to see who gets priority in the program. Reminder, even though you complete an application before March 17th, your student(s) are not guaranteed in the program. Once you complete the application, if you are asked to fill out a waiver, I will be giving you a call once the waiver forms are given to me. If you submit the application and it responds with: “You are automatically on the waitlist,” please ignore that message. If you have any questions, please contact myself through email, phone call or text.


  • I am able to pick up my students after school but my schedule may be changing in the future should I apply? – YES! We had a lot of families who did not apply until the middle of the school year because of a schedule change but unfortunately most students on the waitlist were on the waitlist for the entire school year due to most students not dropping out of the program. If you know your work schedule will be changing, I would recommend having your student apply and start them at the beginning of the school year anyway.
  • How much is the program? FREE.
  • I applied but I am not sure if you received the application? This question has came up a lot. Unfortunately, I am unable to see who applied yet so I encourage parents to screenshot once they submit the application as proof of completion.
  • What do we do in STRETCH? In our program we help students in becoming the best possible versions of themselves. We participate in group games, we help our students with their homework, and we do educational activities that involve science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Does my student need to stay until 6pm in order to be accepted? No they do not. They are able to fill out an early release form that will allow them to leave early on certain days if needed. We understand that students have other sports or classes that they need to attend so they are still able to be in STRETCH and whatever other activity they need to do.
  • Does my student need to be at STRETCH Monday-Friday? YES! We highly recommend that students attend the whole week. If your student is unable to come the full week, their spot will most likely be given to students who need the program for all 5 days.
  • Is there STRETCH every day? Yes! Whenever school is in session, STRETCH will ALWAYS be in session.
  • What are the program hours? AM hours are M-F: 6:45am-8:15am , PM hours are M-TH: 2:30-6:00pm and F: 1:30-6:00pm.

Kind regards,

Angel Solis

STRETCH Program Site Supervisor
Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School
(P) 619-417-3149 

(E) stretch-juarezlincoln@ymcasd.org

(W) www.southbay.ymcasd.org

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