Sunday Messenger: Week of Aug. 1-5, 2022

Hello Juarez-Lincoln families,

It was great to see many of families at Curriculum Night last week!

We continue to focus on meaningful learning where students excel across the content areas in reading, writing, math, music, visual arts, and kinesthetics.  At the heart of our teaching, we strive to cultivate intellect, relevance & relationships by making connections with students’ authenticity, language, and cultural backgrounds.  

This week, the South San Diego Pop Warner football team, Bandits, will begin practicing at Juarez-Lincoln in the evenings from 5:30p-7:30p. Welcome to Juarez-Lincoln SSD Bandits!

Keep informed by listening to weekly Sunday Messengers at 7:00pm. You can also visit our website and sign up for our blog at 

Important events this week:

Students begin Music this week!


Music: 9:25a-10:10a Rosselli; 10:45a-11:25a Padilla; 1:45p-2:45p Rogers


Music: 8:30a-9:30a Johnston; 9:35a-10:05a Calderon; 10:45a-11:25a Herrera; 12:55p-1:40p Jacobsen; 1:45p-2:35p White


Music: 8:30a-9:30a Koopman; 9:35a-10:15a Robles, 11a-11:30 Bullington; 12:35p-1:35p Lerma; 1:45p-2:45p Putian


Music: 8:30a-9:15a French; 9:25a-10:10a Kirisimasi, 11a-11:30a Stone, 12:35p-1:35p Layton; 1:45p-2:45p Guerrero


Spirit Day: Backwards Day

Music: 9:25a-10:10a Lozano; 10:45a-11:30a Viera; 12:30p-1:30p Gil

1:30p Dismissal (all students)

Upcoming Events

Aug. 8: ELAC & SSC Community & Parent Elections

Aug. 15: SSC @ 3p

Aug. 17: Picture Day

Aug. 19: ELAC & Coffee w the Principal @ 8:30a

Sept. 5: Labor Day

Sept. 12 SSC @ 3pm

Sept. 9: ELAC & Coffee w the Principal @ 8:30a

9/15-9/22: Family/Teacher Conference- Min. Days

9/26-10/7: Fall Break

Important drop-off and pick-up information: 

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and cooperation during drop-off and dismissal. Student safety is everyone’s number one priority.  For safety reasons, park only in designated areas.  Also, wait until you are in the yellow zone prior to having your child load or unload from the vehicle.  Please note that upper grade students are dismissed at 2:45pm. Any families picking up upper grade students before 2:45pm will be asked to loop around. 

Thank you! 

Mr. Pollack, School Principal

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