Sunday Messenger, April 12-16, 2021

Hello Juarez-Lincoln Families,

Big week coming up everyone! Hence the longer-than-usual Sunday Messenger this week. We are all very excited to begin this new phase in learning alongside our community.

Hybrid and Distance Learning Beginning April 12, 2021

The Chula Vista Elementary School District will begin reopening schools for hybrid in-person learning on April 12, 2021.  In January and February, parents completed a survey and indicated whether they wanted their child to be enrolled in the in-person hybrid model or continue in the distance learning program once CVESD schools begin safely reopening. Beginning April 12, we will begin these two distinct programs. 

Throughout the first week, we will have staff available on campus to answer questions and to support students and family in transitioning back to in-person learning. 


  • Informational Video– click HERE.
  • New Distance Learning and Hybrid Schedules– click HERE
  • JL Family Handbooks- click HERE.  
  • CVESD Parent Handbook- click HERE

Hybrid Drop-Off and Pick

  • We appreciate working as partners to ensure our students arrive to school and are picked-up safely. Please follow all parking lot safety guidelines.  
  • Drop-off and pick-up students only in designated areas. 
  • All Kindergarten students must be dropped off by adult. 
  • For dismissal, Kindergarten and 1st grade students will need to be picked up in-person by an authorized adult near the Kindergarten gate. To add an authorized adult for pick-up, please visit the office in person. You will need a valid photo ID. 
  • Park only in designated areas. Do not park in staff parking lot. Additional parking in residential areas. 
  • Throughout the first week, we will have staff available on campus to answer questions and to support students and family in transitioning back to in-person learning. 

Home Health Screening for students in hybrid

  • Beginning April 13, 2021, all students who participate in the Hybrid Model must be sent to school with the Home Health Screening laminated form attached to their backpack. 
  • Home Health Screening Form- click HERE
  • Forms will be distributed on April 12. 
  • By sending your child to school with this form, it verifies you have screened your child for the listed symptoms and safety points. 
  • As an additional safety measure, all temperatures will be screened upon entering campus. 

Weekly Calendar:


Music: PM Hybrid Classes: 8a-Gil, 9:15a-Kirisimasi, 9:45a-Lerma

Music: AM Hybrid Classes: 12p- Gil, 12:30p-Johnston & Putian, 1:30p Kirisimasi, 1:30p- Lerma

11:30a- 1:00p: Device Support & Distribution 


Music: DL Classes: 8:15a-Koopman, 8:45a-Lozano, 9:15a-White, 9:45a-Lozano, 10:3-: Herrera, 11:55: Robles


Music: DL Classes: 8:15a Oliver, 9:45a-Stone, 11:55-Elmore

11:30a- 1:00p: Device Support & Distribution 

6p: CVESD Board Meeting


Music: DL Classes: 8:15a: Guerrero, 9:45a-Layton, 10:30a-French, 11:30a-Jacobsen

12:30p-2p: Meal Distribution

FridaySpirit Day: Mix/Match Sock Day  

Music: AM & PM Hybrid Groups: 8:15a-Reeves, 8:45a: Rosselli, 9:15a-Calderon, 9:45a-Rogers, 10:15a-Venegas, 11:05a-Bullington

You can always keep updated on current school events and news by visiting our school’s blog at

Devices for Distance Learning:

If your child needs a device to access the Distance Learning program, please complete a request by completing the link below. Once you have completed the link, call the main office at 619-690-9222.  We currently have devices available for immediate pick up. 

THIS WEEK, we will be providing device support and distribution on Monday between 11:30am-1pm.

BEGINNING April 19, we will continue providing technology support and distributions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 11:30am-1:00pm.

Request Link

If you need support with tech, you can also call the CVESD Tech Support Hotline at 619-409-6639 on Monday -Friday between 8am-5pm. 

Click HERE for more information on requesting a device for your child or for more information on technology support. 

Thank you and have a great week!

Robert Pollack, Principal

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