Sunday Messenger, March 22-26, 2021

Hello Juarez-Lincoln Families,

School continues this week via distance learning. Please support in ensuring your child has a set place to learn and connect with his or her teacher every morning at 8:15am.

In-Person Hybrid and Distance Learning Beginning April 12, 2021

The Chula Vista Elementary School District will begin reopening schools for hybrid in-person learning on April 12, 2021.  In January and February, parents completed a survey and indicated whether they wanted their child to be enrolled in the in-person hybrid model or continue in the distance learning program once CVESD schools begin safely reopening. Beginning April 12, we will begin these two distinct programs. Our office is finalizing rosters this week based on parent responses. Please contact our Attendance Health Specialist, Becky Meza, at 619-690-9222 by no later than 3pm March 25 so we can make changes if space allows. Please note that we are doing our absolute best to accommodate all preferences, but changes in teacher occur or am/pm session preference may occur. 

Are you wondering what to expect? I will send videos early this week that explain all of this more in details this week via School Messenger and on our school website,

Community Forums:

There will be several community forums that you can attend this week with more information. 

  • CVESD Superintendent Community Forum
    • Tuesday, 3/23 @ 6:00pm
    • Link will be shared soon
  • Juarez-Lincoln Principal Community Forum (ENGLISH)
    • Wednesday, 3/24 @ 5:00pm
    • ZOOM Invite: Click HERE to join
    • Meeting ID: 886 5089 2191
  • Juarez-Lincoln Principal Community Forum (SPANISH)
    • Wednesday, 3/24 @ 6:00pm:
    • ZOOM Invite: Click HERE to join
    • Meeting ID: 844 4911 9240

Family Conferences:

Family-teacher conferences continue this week this Thursday, March 18, through Thursday, March 25. For Spring conferences, the goal is to meet with 100% of families.  If you have not done so, please schedule a time with your child’s teacher to learn about how your child is progressing this school year. Also, note that during conferences, K-6 teacher are responsible for providing synchronous instruction from 8:15a-10:15a (120 minutes). Students will still complete asynchronous tasks or VAPA for the remainder of the regularly scheduled school day. 

Here are some upcoming events this week:

Monday: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Music: 9:30a: White, 10:30a: Kirisimasi, 11:00a: Jacobsen, 11:30a: French 

11a- 1p: Device Support & Distribution 

Tuesday: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Music: 8:30a: Rosselli, 9:00a: Johnston, 9:45a: Stone 10:30a: Herrera, 

11:00a: Putian, 11:45a: Gil 

6p: Superintendent Town Hall 

Wednesday: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Music: 8:30a: Elmore, 9:00a: Lozano, 9:45a: Venegas 10:30a: Robles, 11:00a: Oliver, 11:45a: Layton 

11a- 1p: Device Support & Distribution 

5p: Principal JL Community Forum- April 12 Hybrid & DL -ENGLISH

6p: Principal JL Community Forum- April 12 Hybrid & DL -SPANISH

Thursday: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Music: 8:30a: Reeves, 9:00a: Koopman, 9:45a: Calderon 10:30a: Rogers, 11:00a: Lerma, 11:45a: Guerrero 

12p-2p: Meal Distribution 


Music: 9:45a: Bullington 

11a- 1p: Device Support & Distribution 

You can always keep updated on current school events and news by visiting our school’s blog at

Thank you and have a great week!

Robert Pollack, Principal

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