Sunday Messenger: Week of January 11-15, 2021

Hello Juarez-Lincoln Families,

School continues this week via distance learning. Please support in ensuring your child has a set place to learn and connect with his or her teacher every morning at 8:15am.

Here are some upcoming events this week:


Music: 9:30a: White, 10:30a: Kirisimasi, 11:00a: Jacobsen, 11:30a: French 

10a- 12p: Device Support & Distribution  

3p: SSC Meeting


Music: 8:30a: Rosselli, 9:00a: Johnston, 9:45a: Stone 10:30a: Herrera, 11:00a: Putian, 11:45a: Gil 

10a- 12p: Device Support & Distribution  

12p: DAC/DELAC Meeting (CVESD)


Music: 8:30a: Elmore, 9:00a: Lozano, 9:45a: Venegas 10:30a: Robles, 11:00a: Oliver, 11:45a: Layton 

10a- 12p: Device Support & Distribution  


Music: 8:30a: Reeves, 9:00a: Koopman, 9:45a: Calderon 10:30a: Rogers, 11:00a: Lerma, 11:45a: Guerrero 

10a- 12p: Device Support & Distribution

12p-2p: Meal Distribution 

Friday: Spirit Day- Superhero vs. Villain Day 

Music: 9:45a: Bullington 

8:30a: ELAC & Coffee w the Principal

10a- 12p: Device Support & Distribution 

Have a great week everyone!

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