Student Participation During Distance Learning (!)

Hello Juarez-Lincoln Families,

Thank you to everyone for working as a community to ensure our students are continuing to learn while we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.  We understand that these times have created many changes and challenges in all our lives, including the way in which we learn at school.

Please support your children during distance learning by making sure they are connected every day at 8:15am, AND that they stay focused and participate throughout the entire school day.

Teachers monitor participation and lately we have seen that some students are logging out early, not participating, or not completing assignments. 

Please support your child as much as possible to ensure they are connecting, participating, and turning in assignments during the school day.  Please note that teachers may not be working directly live with your child during parts of the scheduled school day. In this case, the teacher is working in a small group with other students. During this time, all the other students are assigned independent tasks and teachers monitor completion of these assignments. Students are expected to complete these assignments so they can develop literacy and math skills.

Here is the school schedule

Kindergarten: 8:15am – 11:30am

Grades 1- 3: 8:15am – 12:20pm

Grades 4-6: 8:15am – 12:30pm

Let’s continue working as partners to ensure your child continues to grow academically. If you have any challenges that are preventing your child from participating in class or completing his or her assignments, please connect with your child’s teacher to discuss options!

Thank you everyone!

Robert Pollack, Principal   

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