Sunday Messenger: Week of Oct. 12 – 16, 2020

Hello Juarez-Lincoln Families, 

Reopening Schools: 

Last week, our district shared the following message regarding reopening schools: 

Although our goal of a phased return to in-person instruction was proposed for October 26, 2020, our District will take extra precautions and postpone the reopening because COVID-19 transmission rates in our boundaries are still too high. We want to give you notice now of our decision. We remain committed to a safe return when the data in our boundary area supports resuming at least a hybrid form of in-person instruction. In the meantime, we will continue working with our bargaining groups and stakeholders to ensure a safe reopening at a future date. 

If you were unable to view the Superintendent’s, October 5, Virtual Town Hall meeting, you can access the recording by clicking here.

Click HERE for answers to some frequently asked questions about reopening schools.

Distance Learning

School continues this week through Distance Learning.  All our staff will continue to strive to create the conditions for an excellent and meaningful Distance Learning experience. Students and teachers will continue connecting every day and students will develop literacies in the language arts, math, music, art, science, physical education.  

Please support in ensuring your child has a set place to learn and connect with his or her teacher every morning at 8:15am.

Devices for Distance Learning:

Click HERE for more information on requesting a device for your child or for more information on technology support. 

Here is some important information about the week:

Teacher Parent Conferences begin this week on Thursday, Oct. 15 through next week. Parent-teacher conferences are a great opportunity to connect with your child’s teacher and ask questions regarding your child’s strengths and areas of growth in reading, writing, and math. We look forward to connecting with every family!


Music- 9:30a: White, 10:30a: Kirisimasi, 11:00a: Jacobsen 11:30a: French 

10a- 12p: Device Support & Hot Spot Distribution  


Music- 8:30a: Rosselli, 9:00a: Johnston, 9:45a: Stone 10:30a: Herrera

Music- 11:00a: Putian, 11:45a: Gil 

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution  



Music- 8:30a: Elmore, 9:00a: Lozano, 9:45a: Venegas 10:30a: Robles

Music- 11:00a:  Oliver, 11:45a: Layton

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution 

6p: CVESD Board Meeting


*Parent Conferences Begin, School Day 8:15am-10:15am

Music- 8:30a: Reeves, 9:00a: Koopman, 9:45a: Calderon

Music cancelled due minimum day- 10:30a: Rogers, 11:00a: Lerma, 11:45a: Guerrero 

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution 


*Parent Conferences, School Day 8:15am-10:15am

8:30a: ELAC/ Coffee with the Principal:

  • Prepare yourself a cup of coffee and join us for our monthly ELAC & Coffee with the principal meeting. At this meeting I will share important information related to learning at Juarez-Lincoln. 
  • Join Zoom Meeting Link:
  • Meeting ID: 816 0165 4215

9:45a: Music- Bullington 

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution 

Robert Pollack, Principal

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