Sunday Messenger: Week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 2, 2020

Hello Juarez-Lincoln Families, 

Phased Expansion to In-Person Instruction Proposed for Oct. 26:

Our Superintendent, Dr. Escobedo, sent out a Newsletter (click HERE) to families on Friday with information on the Phased Expansion to In-Person Instruction Proposed for Oct. 26. I encourage all families to read this VERY important message to learn more about the possibility of students returning to school as early as October 26.

ALL families will receive an email by Tuesday, September 29, with a questionnaire. ALL families will be required to complete this form in order to select whether you would like your child to remain in Distance Learning or in-person learning at Juarez-Lincoln.  Once we begin safely reopening for in-person learning, we will do so in phases beginning with the Preschool through grade 2. Once we have more information on our community’s choice, we will begin to plan next steps.  

Click HERE for answers to some frequently asked questions about reopening schools.

Distance Learning

School continues this week through Distance Learning.  All our staff will continue to strive to create the conditions for an excellent and meaningful Distance Learning experience. Students and teachers will continue connecting every day and students will develop literacies in the language arts, math, music, art, science, physical education.  

Please support in ensuring your child has a set place to learn and connect with his or her teacher every morning at 8:15am.

Here is some important information about the week:


9:30a: Music- White, 10:30a: Music-Kirisimasi, 11:00a: Music- Jacobsen 11:30a: Music-French 

10a- 12p: Device Support & Hot Spot Distribution  

1p-1:45p: Grade 4 Music Recorder Distribution

3p: SSC Meeting


8:30a: Music- Rosselli, 9:00a: Music-Johnston, 9:45a: Music- Stone 10:30a: Music- Herrera, 11:00a: Music- Putian, 11:45a: Music-Gil 

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution (Phase VIII) 


8:30a: Music- Elmore, 9:00a: Music- Lozano, 9:45a: Music- Venegas 10:30a: Music- Robles, 11:00a: Music- Oliver, 11:45a: Music- Layton 

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution (Phase VIII) 


8:30a: Music- Reeves, 9:00a: Music- Koopman, 9:45a: Music- Calderon 10:30a: Music- Rogers, 11:00a: Music- Lerma, 11:45a: Music- Guerrero 

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution (Phase VIII) 


9:4aa: Music- Bullington 

10a- 12p: Device & Hot Spot Distribution (Phase VIII) 

1:15p: Staff Meeting 

Robert Pollack, Principal

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