January 2019

2019 Happy New Year background. Seasonal greeting card template.

I hope everyone had a relaxing Winter Break and in excited for quarter 3! There are many exciting things happening this quarter! I look forward to seeing everyone around campus and an amazing 2019!


Upcoming Events:


Jan. 22- Feb. 8: Pennies for Patients


Beginning January 22, our school has partnered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to fundraise to fight cancer. Let’s collect loose change and donations to help others. Every penny counts!

Jan. 23: Jazz Ensemble Assembly


The program is presented by The Rob Thorsen Jazz Quartet which features some of the best jazz musicians in San Diego and even California.  The quartet features bassist Rob Thorsen, trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos, guitarist Bob Boss and drummer Richard Sellers.

Their program is called Jazz, An American Artform.  The quartet performs songs from the various eras of jazz music, beginning with the early New Orleans Dixieland music through the big band, bebop, Latin “salsa” jazz and the fusion jazz movement.  The group also demonstrates each instrument individually, improvisation and the teamwork necessary to create a successful ensemble.  It’s educational but fun for students.

The objectives of the program is to introduce jazz to the students so that they become familiar with this American-born music.

January 28-Feb 1: JL Spelling Bee

Feb. 2: CVESD Spelling Bee


Upper grade Juarez-Lincoln Students will compete for a chance to win the Juarez-Lincoln and possibly the Chula Vista Elementary School District Spelling Bee contest.

Jan. 28: SSC Meeting @ 3p


Staff and parents will meet to loom at the Single Plan for Student Achievement and allocation of resources to achieve school and district goals.

Jan. 29: DAC/DELAC @ 12p


Jan. 31: ELAC @ 8:30a


Come join us in the Juarez-Lincoln Professional Development Center to learn about how our English Learners are progressing and what our school is doing to meet the needs of our linguistically diverse students.  All parents are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Feb. 1: Coffee with the Principal @ 8:30a


Come join us in the Juarez-Lincoln Professional Development Center to learn about what is happening at Juarez-Lincoln and participate in an open dialogue with the principal. All parents are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Feb. 4-8: JL Speech Contests




Speech Contest Theme: Harmony

• 4th Grade – Cooperating with others

• 5th Grade – Connecting with Community

• 6th Grade – Resolving Conflict


• Speeches are to be three to five minutes in length. Five penalty points will be deducted for speeches under three

minutes or over five minutes.

• Note cards are optional.

• An optional music stand for notes may be used.

• No speech should be read verbatim.

• No props or costumes permitted.

• Speeches may be given in a language other than English; however three copies of the English version will be required.

**Adults may assist in brainstorming ideas, but should not generate or structure the student’s language.

Mar. 14: Collaboration Celebration @ 5p


All parents and students will be invited to participate in a night of where students showcase some of the amazing work happening in our Visual & Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Science Programs. We look forward to seeing everyone at Juarez-Lincoln!

Mar. 14: Parent Conferences


Parents will have the opportunity to meet with their child’d teacher to learn about their child’s strengths and areas of growth.

Mar. 22: Last day of Quarter 3


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