End of Quarter 1, 2018


Great job everyone. This has been an awesome quarter at Juarez-Lincoln!This quarter, students engaged in amazing tasks in the English language arts, math, social studies, music, art, science, and physical education.  Let’s finish strong this week!
Fall Break begins next week. Students return to school on October 9!
All students will have access to Achieve 3000 and Reflex math over the break.  Support and encourage your child in developing literacy and mathematics skills by continuing to use these programs over the break.  English Learners will have access to Imagine Learning. 

  • Sept. 21: Final School Day of Qtr. 1

  • Sept. 24 – October 8: Fall Break
  • October 9: Students return from break- Regular dismissal

*Scroll down for more information!



Learn more about how your child is performing in school by meeting with his/her teacher.

Here are some questions you can ask your child’s teacher:

•What are my child’s strengths? (Writing/math/reading)

•What are my child’s areas of growth? (Writing/math/reading)

•What did my child struggle on on his/her last math test?

•What is my child’s Lexile Reading level? What is his/her goal? (Grade 2-6)

•What is my child’s DRA Reading level? What is his/her goal?

•What can I do to support at home?


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