Literature Character Parade on Tuesday

Highlights from Red Ribbon Week

First, a big thank you to the agencies that made our Law Enforcement Day such a success last week.  High fives to our PTA and staff who worked so hard to make Friday’s Fall Festival such a success.  The kids loved it!

Tomorrow your child will receive a yellow form that needs to be completed right away.  This is a mandated district policy that all parents have to do every year, so please check with your child tomorrow night, sign it, and have your child return it to his or her teacher on Tuesday.  This is very important and I appreciate your attention to this.

Tuesday is our annual Literature Character Parade.  Kids may dress up as a book character and walk with their class during the parade on the blacktop.  Please ensure your child wears an appropriate costume for school, also nothing too scary or gory.  Those costumes can be used for trick-or-treating later, but at school we limit costumes to book characters.  Everyone is invited to join us Tuesday morning at 8:45.

The Positive Parenting Program has been moved from Tuesday to Thursday this week so parents can join us for the parade.  Class will begin at 8:30am in the PDC.

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