Computers For Families


We are excited to announce that Computers 2 SD kids will hold an event for families at Juarez-Lincoln on Tuesday, October 18th.  Parents can purchase a desktop computer or Lenovo Netbook that day-one per child.  These computers are for families to keep-they are not rentals!  Please complete the quick application and return it to the school office.  Parents can pay with cash, money orders, debit or visa on the day of the event.

The application can be downloaded here:  c2sdk-application-netbook

4 thoughts on “Computers For Families

  1. Hi Mrs Faddis,

    Do you if part of this program requires families to qualify by income? Or is this a for sure sale? Also, on the application it asks about the “free lunch” program, how do we know if we qualify for that? I recall that last year every student qualified for free lunch, I haven’t heard anything about this school year.

    Thank you!
    Priscilla Franklin, for Abel Martinez in Ms Jacobsen’s class.

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    • Yes, the computers are given to families based on income. Basically, if someone is making a large salary (+$90,000 per year) that person likely won’t qualify.

      Yes, all of our students are considered ‘free or reduced lunch’ because of the high percentage of JL students that qualify. Thank you for your interest in this. I think it’s a great service for families.


  2. Hi Mrs. Faddis,

    How can a parent go about purchasing a computer, if they cannot attend the event? I don’t think I’ll be able to have the time from work to be there, but i would like to take advantage of this opportunity for my 4th grade daughter. What do you recommend is best?

    Thank you for helping provide this opportunity to your students!

    Julissa Valle


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